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If you're training your Shih Tzu to eliminate outside, why should you refrain from . Sit and lie down can be used as foundations for other tricks, such as roll over, .

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Easy tricks should come with a huge price in the form of a delicious treat reward and lots of time training. When you start training your Shih Tzu easy tricks, he'll.

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Shih Tzus give us hours of amusement, are comforting in times of dire need, and provide us with interminable adoration and fondness. Regardless of how awful.

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The unique relationship between dogs and humans is based on thousands of years of domestication and training. In fact, many breeds of dogs were created.

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A Shih Tzu is extremely adorable, moody, cuddle-bud pup! Every Shih Tzu owner will experience the thrilling, surprising and out of the box.

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Here are ten steps to train your Shih Tzu puppy: patience to teach your new puppy to sit, stay, and come, along with any other tricks you like.