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The best methods to accomplish this include dethatching, aerating and seeding your lawn. Once you learn why these steps are important and how to perform.

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Find out the best ways to dethatch and aerate your lawn. If bare spots were created by dethatching, use a patching product, like ScottsĀ® EZ SeedĀ®, to repair .

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You should also remove all grass clippings after mowing your lawn. A heavy layer of thatch or cut grass will keep seeds from germinating, as seeds need to be in.

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Learn how to reinvigorate a lawn by removing the thatch. marking flags; turf fertilizer; grass seed This is also a good time to overseed and fertilize the turf.

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The second thing cool-seasoners need to do is not seed, reseed, over seed, or any Thatch (browned-out grass parts on the surface of the lawn) is caused by.

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The secret to a thick full lawn is overseeding. Rake the soil with a metal thatch rake to remove clippings, thatch and debris. This loosens and exposes soil to.

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The first step to lawn restoration is to remove any thatch buildup. It will also improve seed germination rates because more seed will make contact with the soil.