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I created Red Wine Decanter with thin applications of oil paint mixed with glazing medium in a process called optical glazing. The term describes how the eye.

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They're right, too thin of glazes fade and degrade, but if you're using a transparent pigment and linseed oil, the color IS very light and thin, even at the commonly.

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Although very simple, the transparency of all these thin glaze layers creates an .. In order to be able to thin a mixture of Cobra and traditional oil paint with.

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TRANSLUCENT layers of oil paint are called WASHES. Both are A GLAZE is a thin TRANSPARENT color used over another dry color to create a third color.

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What is glazing in oil painting? Glazing is the process of applying a thin layer of translucent paint over a more opaque layer. This allows.

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Oil-painting - including glazes - should be predominantly paint, not oil. Now my question is how do you get the paint into a layer that's thin.