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Learn how to prevent frostbite by preparing for being outdoors in freezing Minor frostbite can be treated at home with basic first-aid measures.

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WebMD tells you how to recognize frostbite and what to do to help a person until medical care arrives.

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Frostbite is a treatable but potentially serious condition that affects the skin. Just like water turns to ice when the temperature drops, your fingers, hands, toes, feet - even your nose and ears -- can freeze. Get to know how to avoid it, the warning signs, and what to do if.

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WebMD discusses the diagnosis and treatment of frostbite. Frostnip can be treated at home. If you think you may have frostnip, get out of the.

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Useful Tips For Dealing With and Treating Frostbite In a pinch, body heat can be used to thaw mild frostbite or frostnip (tissues that are not.

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A Gallery of Frostbite Pictures from Minor to Severe You can't properly treat frostbite unless you recognize it. Timothy J. Kosier says he got stuck near his home outside Westcliffe, Colorado, and had to walk 9 miles wearing.