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How to Deactivate Onstar. The simplest way to deactivate OnStar is to unsubscribe from the service, but doing so will not disable the system completely. To do.

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While many people find the OnStar service to be very useful, there are some reasons you may wish to disable it, including a change in budget.

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Onstar comes pre-installed in many newer GM vehicles. With Onstar, customers can get turn-by-turn directions to their destination, make hands-free phone calls.

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OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation provides voice-guided driving directions in your vehicle over your sound system, using GPS technology.

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“The Turn-by-Turn Navigation is great. You give OnStar the location or address and they send the directions to the navigation system. If I'm in a hurry, it's much.

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Whether you're using your touchscreen navigation system † or Turn-by-Turn Navigation † Push the blue OnStar button and tell the Advisor where you want to go; - Use the mobile app † to Directions will begin when you start your vehicle.

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OnStar 'turn-by-turn' nav support is literally just an arrow pointing most expensive package, and totally different than the one i drove off the lot. You could put the onstar app on your phone and send the directions to.

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OnStar started out as a button on a rear view mirror but has grown into a full- fledged In order to provide turn-by-turn directions, GPS data can be notified when the OBD-II system determines that your airbags have gone off.