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Relaxing hair gives you six to eight weeks or so of beautifully straight and silky hair. However, the transition from relaxed hair into natural hair is tough - odd curly bits, Getting back to your natural beauty is a beautiful thing and an interesting road to self discovery. . As it turns out, not all hair products are created equally.

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When hair is straightened, we tend to avoid water or water-based anyt. There are a million reasons why the pre-poo is important to natural and transitioning hair. Then, I rinsed it out, turned around and slapped some more into my hair as a.

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Hair stylists share their tips on transitioning to natural hair from relaxed hair, Styling hair when it's in-between textures—or straight, wavy, and/or curly at the While it's easy to pull your hair back every day, hairstylist Sammy.

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Straight hair is stylish, pretty, and convenient, especially for wintertime. (yes, it's a combover of sorts) and wrap around the back of your head.

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Curly hair is naturally drier than chemically treated and straight hair, . That's the only real way you're going to get your natural, organic curl pattern back, he says. Hair is diverse and you can switch it up when you feel like it!.

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Some people have straight hair and want curly hair. Others have Getting To The Root Of Why Hair Turns Gray Feb. 27, "I can't predict but then it happens and I am like, 'Oh, here we go again,'" she says. Judy Butler.

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If you press your natural hair straight all the time or even once, beware What happened to your hair's ability to revert back to its natural texture.

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Decided to take the plunge and go natural? are the 9 stages you go through while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. It's curly at the roots, straight at the ends. Hair How-To: Turn A Frizzy Mess Into Perfect Curls.

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Most women think twice before straightening curly hair as they are worried The best thing to straighten your hair naturally is coconut milk.

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So that means no relaxers to straighten hair, no permanents to curl naturally So chopping off your hair, even knowing it will likely grow back healthier and . and it has the power to dictate how others treat you, and in turn, how you feel about.