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If you always want this type of document to open with this program, then make Basically, the Word Viewer changed your associations from having the docs MS Word formatting: why can't I backspace to delete text?.

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The Microsoft Word Viewer is no longer available for download and will no longer receive security updates. To continue viewing Word files for free, we.

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It converted most of my saved documents to a microsoft word viewer format that will Alternate method of associating file type with program.

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You can use Microsoft Office Word Viewer to view Word files even if you do not have Word In the Files of type list, click All Files (*.

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I cant edit a document using Microsoft Word Viewer, what should i do? Open Office software that will read and write Word documents which.

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Type · Document viewer. License · Freeware. Microsoft Word Viewer is a discontinued freeware program for Microsoft Windows that can.

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Explore how to view, edit and create Microsoft Word documents for creating a resume or typing a paper for class, Word has remained . locate Word Viewer on your PC, it can be obtained from Microsoft's Download Center.