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If someone blocks me, do their comments disappear off my profile? So they could have unblocked you temporarily in order to remove those comments, then.

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If I block someone, does it remove all comments from their view of just future. Groups. Asked about 6 years ago by Mary. 49 Votes ยท 21 Followers. Good Question.

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ALL of MY posts from my group have disappeared and almost ALL the other posts How do I get Facebook to unblock me from using those functions and to put.

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Originally Answered: If I block someone on Facebook will their comments or likes comments on your posts and likes will disappear but they will still be visible for Is there any way to unblock yourself on Facebook if someone blocked you?.

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Also see our article How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Their posts and comments won't disappear from your page. However, instead.

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But when you hit that block button on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or someone on Instagram doesn't mean their likes and comments will be.

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From Instagram and Facebook to Snapchat, here's how to know when you have been blocked. see their comments or likes on posts from accounts you both follow. (These don't disappear just because that person has blocked you.) If you want to block or unblock someone on Instagram, simple go to their.