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Project 64 comes bundled with a large number of premade cheats, and you can quickly add. Also go press ctrl alt delete to browse the whole cheat code libary.

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Jan 10, Bug with Super Smash Bros + A question about PJ64 Project 64 - v I usually activate 3 cheats at a time, as example: "No Music" + "Unlimited Jump" + " No tornado in . Why don't you turn off the "No Music" cheats?.

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Once you have found it copy the entire Cheat entry for the //Super Mario 64 to the end // and past it to the Q: Can i add, edit & delete cheat codes in PJ

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Delete Cheats.» Supported.» FAQ Welcome to Cheats PJ64!:: If you have any please make a post on the: Project64 Cheats Message Board. Stating your.

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Sep 22, Click on the specific game that you would like to add cheats for. However you must have the game in your "ROMS" folder in the Project

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Mar 9, We decide to release a beta version of the cheat database. Changes: A lot of new cheats for several games - Disable fog for Project