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Apr 9, i have a score of 1. but the only game i remember playing with rubick is in normal match not turbo and we loose. dont know how did i get the.

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Apr 3, pudge arcana 2nd set(the green one) you must be new here. #1 Like jugger / pa / cm arcana (unlocking style), there's no expire date on it.

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Apr 3, With today's update, the butcher's got a whole new set of tools as the Pudge Arcana makes its grand debut. Featuring all-new custom.

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Jan 3, Pudge Pudge. Rarity: Legendary This set comes with multiple selectable styles, as well as custom ability icons and particle effects.

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Apr 3, 1 Set Items; 2 Styles; 3 Customizations Pudge transitions directly into the default Idle Injured animation with no other customizations. 2 Landing consecutive Meat Hooks on enemy heroes trigger new animations and counter.

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Apr 4, Pudge finally get's his awesome Arcana item, The Arcana will set you back R (in-game store) and if you purchase it the Chains of Abscession have sworn service to a new master and the delights of butchery.” - Source. There is a second style for the Arcana which you can unlock by winning

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Apr 4, The long-awaited Pudge arcana is here, and it looks brutal under the bed, and say your prayers—the Butcher is back with a new set of alternate form which is unlocked by winning 12 games against an opposing Rubick.

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Pudge arcana is awesome, I bought it, but i still need to unlock green style. True rubick has awesome sets, pudge never had 1 does now.

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Is there a certain amount of time I have to unlock the second version of the new set?.

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Pudge is probably the least wanted Arcana out of the 4 but I reckon he get a lot of new spell animations but he has a overly expensive set that does that more Pudge pickers for a longer amount of time to unlock the styles).