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There's no reason to dump that knit in the donation pile—yet. Try this trick to bring your sweaters, cotton T-shirts, and jeans back to their original.

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Does your sweater feel a little tight after the laundry? Try this simple hack, which uses hair conditioner to solve the problem. How to Fix Shrunken Sweaters.

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It's happened to all of us: the incredulous dread when you see the smidge of fabric of your favorite wool sweater or the cashmere cardigan you.

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Note that knitted clothes, like cotton, wool, and cashmere, respond to this tactic better than fabrics.

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The combination of high heat and agitation by hand or washing machine will turn the knitted wool fibers into a nearly solid fabric that will not.

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We've all done it—opened our drying to find that our favorite shirt or As most knits stretch out over time, you may find the fit now better than.

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By using a process similar to one that the professionals use – called knit blocking -- it is possible to "unshrink" wool sweaters at home. You can expect to.

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Have you ever accidentally put something in the dryer that maybe shouldn't have been there and then have it come out fitting a four-year-old.

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stack of shirts sweaters Shutterstock. The labels on clothing can be difficult to decipher when they only show different symbols instead of written.