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If photographs have stuck together: soak the photographs for at least an hour in lukewarm [How to Save a Wet Photo Album via lifehacker].

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Q. I recently moved and discovered some of my photos are practically glued together. Can I unstick them without destroying them? Jenna Schapiro Potomac.

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Photos stuck to the glass in their frames can be difficult to remove. If they are not How long should I keep it in the freezer to get it unstuck? Will the . How do I remove a photo (without ruining it) from glass when it has gotten wet? By Judi from.

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Is there a safe way to get these photos "unstuck"? pictures, and also photos become very vulnerable when wet—you could end up separating.

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Here are two ways you can separate pictures that are stuck together. Just remember these tips are not for digitally printed-out color photos but.

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Keeping a pile of stuck together photos wet will give some prospect of restoration. Water is fine. Put the while pile into a bowl with clean water.

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How to dry out and save wet photos. How to save stuck together photos. Flood damage photo recovery.

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For photo prints that have been immersed in water, dirt, sand and stuck together, If you do not have a brush or if the photo prints are wet, proceed to Step 2.

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And while many of us have experienced a photo getting stuck to the glass of a picture frame, it's not often you hear of possible solutions to this.

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Stuck-together photos pose a confusing conundrum -- pulling them apart may are the usual reasons photos stick together, because damp conditions soften the .