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The hardware in your device isn't sufficiently powerful to run the newer version of iOS. The current version of Pages requires a newer version of.

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Create and edit Pages documents on your Mac, on, and on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to know how to do something with Pages, these user .

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Learn about the latest updates for Pages for iOS and the features in Pages for iOS on your iPhone and iPod touch, or on your iPad.

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We've collected 9 expert tips for Pages on iPad & iPhone. The update adds Apple Pencil support to all three iWork apps for iOS, but we.

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There's also drag and drop support for iPad, allowing you to move text, images, and more between Pages and other applications. Apple also.

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Just updated iWork on my iPad Pro. Pencil support in Pages is very nice. Just for grins, I loaded the web version of Pages to see now well.

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As a part of its Tuesday education event, Apple updated Pages, Numbers, and for the Apple Pencil -- a key feature of its "budget" iPad.

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iWork for iPhone and iPad is Apple's mobile office and productivity Apple just rolled out an update for Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, the.

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Want to enable a word counter in Pages on iPad or iPhone? update as you type and edit any document within the Pages app for iOS.