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A tampon is actually made up of 2 parts - the tampon itself that you insert into your body, and the plastic applicator you use to insert it. The Sport® applicator has.

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Step 1. Wash your hands. They will be your primary tools here! Then take a look at your o.b.® tampon. Is it totally sealed? Good. (If not, don't use it. Get another.

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Getting Ready. Inserting a tampon with applicator can be intimidating. But so is taking the training wheels off your bike! You got through that, right? Here's some .

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Are you unsure how to use an applicator tampon? Lil-Lets and Becoming a Teen have a guide to explain how to use a tampon with an applicator. Learn more.

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One of the big problems she faces is reducing plastic in her products: Like in the US, women in the UK generally prefer to use tampons with.

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But then, the digital tampon entered my life. No more blindly guessing where the plastic stick I was putting in my vag was going to shoot a wad.

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Learn how to use and insert a tampon, including tips and tricks to make the process simple and comfortable. Visit now!.

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A plastic inserter for tampons consisting of inner and outer telescoping tubular members which are A61F13/26 Means for inserting tampons, i.e. applicators.