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Today we're going to show you how to use bias binding to finish an armhole. If you have made your binding strips yourself you don't need to worry about this.

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Avoid wonky, wavy armholes! Learn how to sew with bias tape (a.k.a. bias binding) to finish armholes and necklines for a professional, crisp.

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During the construction of my Sorbetto top I suddenly realised how I can guarantee that bias tape will fit perfectly in any armhole or neckline (or.

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Materials to Use on How to Apply Bias Binding on Armholes: how to make your own binding by reading our tutorial on how to make bias tape.

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Bias tape, made from strips of bias-cut fabric, is most commonly used to finish garment edges, especially along necklines and armholes.

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Bias facing is a finish in which bias tape is sewn onto the raw edge, then of a neckline or armhole, sewn to the raw edge and turned inward.

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UPDATE I've updated and greatly expanded this tutorial so pop over for invisibly finishing arm holes or necklines using bias tape (seen.

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How to sew a bias tape facing to the inside of necklines and armholes to get a good edge finish without lining or full facing. Easy when you.