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For nighttime, who woudn't want to wear a super sultry eye out with your girls? But the best way to achieve this look with glasses is by skipping.

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If you wear glasses, it's easy to feel like you can hide behind your frames. . With chunky, colored glasses you want bold eye makeup, but in.

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I love eye makeup, so when I got glasses a few years ago I was pretty bummed. 3. Use Eye Shadow Shades That Enhance Your Eye Color.

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5 makeup tips everyone who wears glasses needs to know frequently need to remove their specs in order to apply eye makeup, they need a.

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You can wear eye makeup in any way you are comfortable with when you are a glasses wearer. Here's how to create a stunning look with your eye makeup for.

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Dark shadows: Save the smokey eye makeup for when you're wearing contacts when you're also wearing glasses, meaning now's not the time to be using the.

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How to wear makeup with glasses: Try these 'makeup readers' that let you apply eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow while still being able to.

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Despite what you may think about the magnifying power of your specs, you'll actually need to wear more eye makeup than you normally would sans lenses to .