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Downloads» GTA San Andreas» CLEO Scripts» Magic Mop To spawn the broom, type MOP. well, i think you must learn how to fly the mop. Screenshots.

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CLEO for GTA San Andreas - Broom with auto-installer free download. To activate this script, you should write MOP (as a cheat code). The Broom mod for GTA San Andreas can be downloaded free using the appropriate.

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GTA San Andreas Fly For Stick (Mop) Mod was downloaded times Download it now for GTA San Andreas! how to use??? hunter.

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This CLEO mod allows you to spawn a magic mop (or broomstick) and ride around San Andreas like a witch. It's also equipped with some.

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Guys, Gta underground is a great game to play with the extended map menu already but i need the cheat menu only!) or the magic mop for gta sa etc. using other cleo mods which are not crashed my game.

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well the magic mop is a cool mod. but does anyone know where in the gta archives the broomstick is?? i want to replace it wiht a speedbike.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas cheat Codes. Cheat Effect LXGIWYL Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools KJKSZPJ Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools.

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GTA San Andreas - How To Install & use Cleo Mods. მარტი 24, . GTA San Andreas - Magic Mop Mod Using these CLEO folder in gta sa game you.