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I don't have this option in my settings >< is there some voodoo I need to do to enable it? I have Beta

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If you have MSI Afterburner, you can open Rivatuner and configure the . try to set the fps limit to and monitor temps and CPU/GPU usage.

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I have AB I added Metro to the list, OSD on, and clicked the wrench, all I get under general is an option to start MSI minimized and.

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I couldn't find anything in the setting to limit my FPS to somthing like Most of the time I personally just use MSI afterburner for the fps lock.

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Heard somewhere that you can limit fps in games using MSI Afterburner, but I'm not sure how? I'd like to limit my FPS in all games to

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RTSS is a CPU-level FPS limiter, and introduces up to 1 frame of RTSS is available standalone here, or bundled with MSI Afterburner here.

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Why dont you ask the guy you took that screen cap from on youtube? GamingExpert how to enable MSI afterburner on-screen display. Long Service .. You can use NZXT Cam software View attachment

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Thread: Framerate limiter in MSI Afterburner is great like less utilization, lower power usage, less heat, quieter operation, more OC headroom.

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GTX// Lightning users must use an unlocked Afterburner .. Framerate slider limit in “Videocapture” tab has been extended from.