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Bezwecken's OstaDerm by Bezwecken is by many women for relief from the This moisturizing cream is applied directly to dry areas two or three times per day‚ supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or .

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Professional Supplement Center offers OstaDerm Bi-Est by Bezwecken as well as I continue to use this cream because of the book I read by Dr. John Lee.

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OstaDerm-V Creme by Bezwecken helps address vaginal dryness and other symptoms of menopause. Apply topically. Order today and get relief. Read More.

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OstaDerm Creme by Bezwecken provides plant-derived progesterone and OstaDerm Creme from Bezwecken is a topical cream that helps provides relief . Use of this site constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy.

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OstaDerm V Vulva Creme - 2 oz | Bezwecken Plant derived estrogens/ progesterone: Treat menopause - use throughout the month.* Choose this product if you.

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I'm 63 and have been experiencing post menopausal symthoms, my naturopath prescribed Ostaderm cream. I started using it over a month ago, and it has.

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Bezwecken - OstaDerm-V - 2oz Crème | Professional Formulated Vaginal Dryness As mentioned by Pat, if you get the cream outside of the vaginal area you might I've started using this twice a day, and now I'm getting hot flashes.

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Oct 4, The female bodies are marvelous and strong. If we look at the different life phases that we go through as women, we're full of awe. Female.