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by grafting larvae of the right age into special wax or plastic queen cell cups Grafting tools: You use grafting tools to lift the delicate and oh-so-fragile larva.

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Cell cups, adaptors, cell protectors and cell cage parts made of plastic, that are used in Or you can use colour to identify batches made on successive days.

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Anyone done this with success? i.e. cleaning used cups and getting good acceptance 2nd time around. I can't find my bag of new ones and.

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Download scientific diagram | Different: a. wax; and b-e. plastic queen cups and currently in use and recommended in modern queen rearing, selection and breeding. Methods to stimulate colonies to accept newly grafted queen cells.

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Using a queen grafting tool, remove honey bee larvae from one of your hives and place inside the bottom of one of the plastic queen cell “starter” cups. Once you.

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He grafted larva into queen cells, and then placed them in a starter hive, either to use plastic cell cups or to make our own cups from our wax.

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I have noticed that when I later put the used Queen cell cups into a cell used to work absolutely fine but the plastic cell cups are easier to use.