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Watch this video to see how to use the Flexible Metal Tack Strips, used to attach fabric panels to upholstered furniture. This flexible tack strip is used pr.

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Using an upholstery hammer, hammer the tack strip into place. This tack strip is stapled in place on your chair and then its teeth grip and hold.

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My name is Joe Gramm, owner and upholsterer at Cape Cod Upholstery Shop. Would it be easier to just use ply-grip all the way around the top, even sides?.

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Watch this video to learn how to use ply-grip when upholstering.

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Ply Grip (a.k.a. Pli-Grip, Flex Trim, and Curve Ease) is a nifty invention that helps create professional looking, clean, smooth edges for all your.

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So if you have more time than money in your DIY upholstery budget, just use cardboard tack strip for the arm, and then pli grip for the wing?.

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How to use ply-grip (sometimes called plygrip or curvease or curve ease). Ply- grip is used to secure fabric to the side of the chair, sofa, or couch. Ply-grip can be.

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Metal Back Tacking Strip (Ply Grip). 30m reel. +. BACK TACKING STRIP 5 METERS UPHOLSTERY SUPPLIES. +. 30" METAL TACK STRIP. Total price: £