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This method uses a grid to multiply numbers. Multiplication diagram - Napiers' method: 4 x 2 = 08 Use Napier's method to calculate {}\times{53}.

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We explain the grid method of multiplication used in primary schools. Tons of advice information and downloadable resources for helping your child to learn at .

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Used for a real low ability class but could be used to introduce the topic. Just a simple starter, method of you writing on the board and then.

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The main part of the lesson has 3 fully automated example questions which draw and fill in the grid a bit at a time. It includes decimals and how.

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Lattice multiplication, also known as the Italian method, Chinese method, Chinese lattice, A grid is drawn up, and each cell is split diagonally. In fact, however, no use of lattice multiplication by either of these two authors has been found.

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Chinese grid method by Katie Griffin - March 30, - Learn the simple way of x by 2 digit numbers!.