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You'll need to use V-Jolt on those roots. You'll know the room when you find it ( the roots are very big). I've never thought of classic Resident.

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There are certain sections of Resident Evil that can be resolved with brains over brawn. One example of this is creating the V-Jolt solution to.

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To create V-Jolt, Jill must first solve a strange puzzle in the Spider Room of Grab all the jars inside and then, using the chemicals in the room.

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How to Make V Jolt in Resident Evil. In Resident Evil 1 Remake, on the GameCube, the Plant 42 boss presents a challenge. Using V-Jolt on its roots will make it.

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Image of V-JOLT. A brown liquid with acidic properties. Use this on the roots of Plant 42 in the Plant Roots Room to weaken the plant significantly. This is created.

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Guide on how to make the V-jolt potion to weaken plant 42 with Jill doesn't need to kill plant 42 after using V-Joly barry will finish him off.

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I played on easy and now on normal. On both playthroughs I saved Richard, then unlocked the door to the chemistry room, but still I always.

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V-JOLT is specifically created as a herbicide, especially Plant 42 and After using the V-JOLT to weaken the plant, the player is given a choice to discard.

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V-JOLT (also known as V-JOLT) is an Umbrella-made chemical. It's a distinctively brown liquid, and was created when infected plants showed that certain cells.

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I used the v-jolt on normal and continued on the boss with the knife. It was the hardest With jill it can be easier to use v-jolt. Just use like