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Watercolor or water-soluble pencils and crayons are a unique cross-over between drawing and painting. Learn all about their many uses.

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Watercolor and pastels are great medium to mix because they both are very mat. This is a technique that can be used by watercolorists but also in any kind of.

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Watercolor and pastels on paper. This is a fun mixed media technique to try,. I am sure kids would love it as well and I think it is a good exercise to loosen up.

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Learn how to paint brilliant light into your landscapes and architecture using these watercolor and pastel painting techniques.

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For watercolor, manufacturers use gum arabic and, in some brands, honey. The binders aside, pastels and watercolor are exactly the same. In pastels you rub.

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Learn how to paint a winter scene in the woos using pastels and watercolor in this step by step painting demonstration.

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I could potentially make a watercolor pan out of pastels and use it exactly like a normal watercolor pan. On the other hand it's very easy to.

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This approach combines the powerful strokes of pastels with the flowing softness of watercolor if that sounds appealing, then the following.

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When I block in or underpaint, I use either washes in watercolor, acryllic, water- thinned pastel, casein (ala Shikler) for my lay-in. One advantage.

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Watercolor paintings can sometimes lack a bit of contrast, a great pop with pastels by SANDRINE PELISSIER on ARTiful, painting demos.