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Debbie, my friend and co-instructor was the first to buy the 3-step wire looping pliers. She loved it so naturally, I got myself one! It's a handy tool.

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Grip the wire with the pliers under the first loop you made. We chose to use the largest diameter barrel. Bend the wire around the pliers in the opposite direction .

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These pliers are not as easy to find--and not as well known--as regular roundnose pliers, and I don't know WHY. They're easy to use, and give you perfect.

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Products featured in this video: Beadsmith Wire Looping Pliers - Concave And Round Nose.

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Beadsmith XTL Wire Looper Multi-Step Ring Looping Plier, 13/16 .. It just gives me the flexibility to use on multiple tasks without having to change tools.

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3-step Round / Concave. Great For Wire Wrapping. Box jointed 3-step wire looping pliers from EUROTOOL with concave lower jaw. Easy to use, and give you.

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Bead Buddy Pliers Wire Looping; Bead Buddy offers a complete line of .. to the nylon almost immediately just from light use with wire and jewelry making.