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Minecraft Tutorials. [Tutorial] Get UNLIMITED votes on your Minecraft server .. it works but we cant use the same username twice >.<.

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Anyone that plays on Minecraft servers knows about voting, if you dont play Minecraft this guide will do nothing for you, so please only keep.

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Yep, that system is in place with the voting sites and not EMC, it is purely to prevent one guy from voting thousands of times for the same server.

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Hey Hypixel Community, is it allowed to vote twice (or more) at one day? - Why im asking is that the deleveriy man give me the address to one.

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Ok guys this is kind of "cheating" but I don't think it really is =P. So this guide will show you how to vote more than once every 12 hours.

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On my server we track the top voters and at the end of the month, the We have the top 5 listed at spawn using the enjin minecraft plugin so.