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In its primitive form, a wheel is a circular block of a hard and durable material at whose center has been bored a circular hole through which is placed an axle.

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The first wheels were not used for transportation. Evidence The ancient Greeks invented Western philosophy and the wheelbarrow.

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The wheel is often cited as the hallmark of man's innovation, because the invention of the wheel has proved to be one of the biggest blessings for humanity .

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When we speak of the history of the "wheel", we need to distinguish it as a tool (in particular for pottery making) from an invention used for transport. The latter is.

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The invention of the wheel was so challenging that it probably happened only once, in one place. However, from that place, it seems to have.

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When we think about the invention of the wheel, the picture that jumps into our minds is the wheel from a car or maybe an ancient Roman.