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How We Used to Live was a long-running British educational history television series, . Albert's wife Daisey must make the rest of the income cover food, fuel and clothing. Jane, their daughter, is still at school until the age of 14 when she goes.

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With Redvers Kyle, Diana Davies, James Tomlinson, John Keyworth. British educational drama tracing the lives and fortunes of fictional Yorkshire families from.

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Here you will learn about all the s clothing and accessories women When flour was delivered in pretty fabric bags women used these to make new . Even if a woman lived hundreds of miles from the ocean, she still.

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Where a family lived determined to a great extent where and how they obtained their Often the whole family helped to produce the cloth used for their clothing, .

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In , LIFE described the ideal figure women sought to emulate using evolved or what dress size Marilyn Monroe really wore, it's clear that.

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What clothes did people wear during the the early s? People from every social class usually wore hats when they were outside. Children's Materials used for today's clothes, such as nylon and polyester, did not exist.

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Why is it the s to which we return, again and again? As the 30s move from living memory into history, as the hurricane moves further of Trump's inaugural address, which twice used the slogan “America first”. . every Muslim citizen in the US; he has not suggested they wear identifying symbols.