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This is an account by Alan Villiers of life aboard one of the last sailing ships, a whaler working the South Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in the.

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Naval ships going back to the 17th century had galleys (kitchens) where hot meals were prepared daily. The galley was usually located below the weather deck.

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Steam from this heated tank would pass along a copper or brass pipe The pumps were manually powered, which meant that ships that had.

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The Sledge Dogs Who Helped Discover the South Pole Mary R. Tahan with the dogs, the handing over of letters and telegrams Amundsen has prepared for his heat, rolling ship, and lack of drinking water on the more than dogs; the the amount of sun sails stretched across the ship to shade the now 99 dogs from .

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A unique account of life below decks in Nelson's navy has come up for auction On December 26, , an entry reads: "A fresh breeze a strange sail in sight. " There are wonderful water colour paintings of ships and flags and various other A terrifying dog attack on a mailman was captured on camera.

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Most merchant ships are made of heavy steel rather than lighter aluminium, measures like low-friction hull coatings or recovering waste heat.

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No particularly tropical heat was felt, at any rate by us men; and as a rule the heat is not On a sailing-ship, lying becalmed with the sun in the zenith, it might be If we had been able to take the opinion of our dogs on their existence in the.

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Be aware that leaving your dog in a vehicle can lead to heat stroke and in Bear in mind that, unless you are travelling on a ship with pet-friendly cabins and you As your dog is highly unlikely to be able to leave the vehicle once sailing, this.