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Fire was the best way to attack the early Motte and Bailey castles since they were made entirely of wood. The fire might be started by building a bonfire against.

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It is believed that as many as Medieval Motte and Bailey Castles were built in . Should a castle be attacked the success in defending the Motte and Bailey.

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The Norman Motte and Bailey castles were designed to withstand attacks. Defending and Attacking a Motte and Bailey Castle - Destroying Motte and Bailey .

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Click the following link for details of Defending Motte and Bailey castles The concentric castles of the Middle Ages were designed with this in mind and included defence The portcullis was meant to be lowered quickly in times of attack.

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Essentially there are three main ways of attacking a castle and, of course, the defenders knew this and so developed counter-measures to each. These were.

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In the medieval period it was virtually impossible to launch a surprise attack as an Early Motte and Bailey castles were constructed of wood, making fire an.