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By challenging many of the assumptions, misguided presuppositions and even legends that have surrounded the legacy and reception of Franz Kafka's work.

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Kafka and Brentano: A Study in Descriptive Smith - - In Structure and Gestalt: Philosophy and Literature in.

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Howard Caygill On Resistance: A Philosophy of Defiance Bloomsbury, London . The book's Afterword is a discussion of Kafka's Man from the Country: a figure it embraces (to quote his discussion of Greenham Common) 'a constant and.

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Resistance: A Philosophy of Defiance, Howard Caygill maps out and draws together Kafka; and practices such as Greenham Common and the Zapatista movement. Caygill's .. Further references to this edition are given after quotations.

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On Howard Caygill, On Resistance: A Philosophy of Defiance, Bloomsbury, and lack of military resolve, Marx quotes the Communards' inaugural declaration (of . note, Caygill stresses this primacy of solidarity through a discussion Kafka's .

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They often take complex people or theory and break it down into meaningful chunks using a mixture of images, quotes, and text. Caygill's treatment of Walter.

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Kafka's novel The Trial, written from to and published in , is a multi-faceted, notoriously difficult manifestation of European.

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These opening quotations from Clausewitz and Caygill herald a puzzle. Like the door to the law in Kafka (with which Caygill ends On Resistance) struggle is.

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Kafka criticism/biography that I read in (in chronological order): • The Early Years by Kafka: In Light of the Accident by Howard Caygill.