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Soundtrack for the upcoming new Spatterhouse game for the and PS3. Composed by Howard Drossin of Comix Zone fame. Mix - Splatterhouse () OST- Track 1YouTube.

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Popular content related to Howard Drossin & Splatterhouse. [Walkthrough] Monster Attack: Mission 3: Swarm. by DocteurDeimos.

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Compossed by Howard Drossin For the Splatterhouse remake http://

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Drossin's next game is SPLATTERHOUSE. My question is why you crediting Howard Drossin when listening to all teh music it's obvious RZA.

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Interview: Howard Drossin's Splatterhouse Soundtracks, Original and Howard Drossin has been composing music for videogames since the.

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Splatterhouse shared a link. Howard Drossin. Musician/Band. Matt Hannon. Artist Splatterhouse Walkthrough - 01 - Phase 1: Satan's Masque - Part 1.

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Composer Howard Drossin discusses his strategic use of multiple . Splatterhouse Cheats, Codes & Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ - Xbox