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May 8, Throughout the '90s, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were America's most popular set of twins. The relationship between the twins and drugs is spotty. "You'd have to ask them," John Stamos told Howard Stern in about.

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Jan 29, After Howard calculated that Bob's girlfriend was about 11 when "Full House" was on the air, Artie recalled seeing one of the Olsen twins at a.

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Jan 29, Bob Saget: Drug-Free But Still Fun Artie recalled seeing one of the Olsen twins at a Rolling Stones concert last November, and that, based.

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Sep 4, Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, MTV Music Video Awards, Howard Stern mentions them on the air regularly and enthusiastically.

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Jan 4, Stamos said he even asked the Olsen twins to do a phone call for the they were asked," Stamos told Howard Stern on Stern's SiriusXM show.

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Jan 4, The Olsen twins have turned their focus from acting to designing in recent as much in an interview Monday on The Howard Stern Show.

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Howard Stern mentioned (among other things) that his seven-year-old daughter Did Howard mention anything about the twins? . Those are drugs for a child!.

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May 3, Howard's Zit, The Olsen Twins And Other Various Stuff. .. He and Artie talked about some of the drugs they did when they were younger and.

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Nov 15, He hoped that the Olsen Twins would be there again so his daughter could Howard had Robin start her news after Greg's drug stories.

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Nov 8, Artie let Howard and Robin know that he's back to betting on football and he's back to losing money. He spotted the Olsen Twins and got distracted by them the whole time. He was calling drug stores asking for rubbers.