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US CDMA/GSM/LTE provider/América Móvil subsidiary.

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[Archive] Page 31 US CDMA/GSM/LTE provider/América Móvil subsidiary.

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HowardForums is a discussion board dedicated to mobile phones with over 1,, .. US CDMA/GSM/LTE provider/América Móvil subsidiary Straight Talk.

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This was then shared on HowardForums by rview, who said that the offer is .. Now Straight Talk claims unlimited data, talk and text, but it is b.s., back to that allowed for voice calls via CDMA while data worked on LTE.

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The possibility of activating most of Verizon phones on Straight Talk and Net10's A Howard Forums user came across a “Straight Talk Bring Your Own with CDMA carriers Sprint or Metro PCS, 4G LTE devices, iPhones.

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According to some Straight Talk customers on Howard Forums, they have received a text message that informed them about this new feature.