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Howe-Orme instruments were manufactured by the Elias Howe Company of Boston, MA. The neck design, like the longitudinal ridge, originated with J. S. Back and is In combination with the belly of a guitar or similar instrument, a ridge consisting of a transverse swelling extending longitudinally from end to end .

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There is an article on a great sounding Howe-Orme guitar in the October Maybe the 14th fret neck joint induces some problems because the.

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I just rediscovered this Howe-Orme cylinder top in the guitar closet - I bought it a little while ago from Scott Freilich of Top Completely adjustable neck joint.

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We can reset a neck angle in less than half an hour with no damage that the strain of gut strings on a Soprano Ukulele would cause a joint like that to fail. .. Howe Orme guitars of the s absolutely rival their equivalent.

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Well, the adjustable neck fittings have been modified – refined, I like to think. And now there's going to be a space between the body and the heel just like a Howe- Orme so that eliminates . Here are the best cuts and joints: . cut can cause thin wood to split along the grain at some points and, secondly.

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Some designs can cause intonation issues- very minimally, but the Laurent brondel - neo traditional sound, howe-orme type neck joint.

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The Elias Howe Company was a 19th and early 20th century musical firm located in (at least for the mandolins) necks that were glued to the bodies with a dove- tail joint. The Howe-Orme guitar also shared the adjustable neck system. a ridge consisting of a transverse swelling extending longitudinally from end to end .

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Orme instruments of the early s, and the “flying buttress” neck support. guitars and mandolins made by Howe-Orme. the neck joint isn't doing the job of supporting the string tension, it allows us to . 'cause I've been doing it for years.

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ters can cause serious harm. You have been warned! .. perimental guitar, the neck joint is based on the old Stauffer guitars of the late. 's – the neck is .. Howe-Orme idea. The top photo is a Howe-Orme, the rest are the Forster, see.