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Hugh Howey is the indie author behind the Wool series which recently held six out of the top ten spots on the Science Fiction best.

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This is part two of my interview with Hugh Howey. In the first interview we discuss his journey as a writer in general and the success of his Wool.

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Hugh Howey is a self-described “bum,” who for the past twenty years has Just a few years later, his post-apocalyptic novel Wool, typed out in a storage room.

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I'm quite thrilled to have as my guest today author Hugh Howey, whose WOOL books are as popular as chits in a Silo and are making.

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The Booktopia Book Guru asks. Hugh Howey,. author of Wool. Ten Terrifying Questions. ——————————–. 1. To begin with why don't you.

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The reviewer called Monroe native Hugh Howey's characters bland and Fla., said in a telephone interview that he didn't expect this success.

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Hugh Howey wasn't a name many were familiar with until his self-published book Wool went viral. Now on the best-seller charts across the.

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I try to read the newspaper every day. . Hugh C. Howey says I bookmarked the interview with HuffPost and I listen to the interview you did with .. So, two questions: (1) at what point in writing Wool did you bring in beta.

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At first, Hugh Howey's decision to walk away from a small press next four e- book installments of Wool rocketed Hugh Howey's name to the top of . Submitting Your Short Fiction and Poetry: 5 FAQs from a Magazine Editor.

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Live video chat with Hugh Howey, author of the sensational 'Wool' Had a wonderful #Podcast interview with @jodithomasauthor on #blondieandthebrit this .