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Sponsors could mean your life or death in a situation like the Hunger Games. Basically what a sponsor does is buys a Tribute something that they need during .

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In the 65th Hunger Games, a sponsor sent a beautiful golden trident to Finnick Odair. Katniss The gifts do not come in a protective silver casing in the books.

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First off sponsors of wealth and popularity in the Capitol can A) provide supplies that would be very useful to the tribute in ten actual games. B) Support them thus .

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Read some spoiler-free coverage of the Hunger Games over here and here) The bidders are competing to sponsor a smaller number of individuals, and each It was inexpensive bread that did not come from the capitol.

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She fed the broth to Peeta, hoping it would take away his fever. Sleep Syrup Katniss received the sleep syrup while she was outside the cave working on making.

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The more sponsors the better a shot you have of winning. Remember, only Privet sessions with the game makers, what do you show them? Hope they liked it.