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Print "I have / Who has" games for reviewing multiplication, division, fractions Review basic addition facts with this whole-class chain reaction card game. This file includes 20 cards and instructions. 1st and 2nd Grades. View PDF worksheet.

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Addition Game. I Have Who Has How to play the game: Distribute the cards randomly to your students. Some students may get more than one card. Select a .

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The worksheets help students sharpen their skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as Explain to students that "I Have, Who Has" is a game that reinforces math skills. Print the PDF: I Have, Who Has— Telling Time.

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Results 1 - 24 of Browse i have who has addition resources on Teachers Pay PDF ( KB) Addition to 20 (20 game cards) I Have, Who Has?.

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I have 9. Who has 8 + 8? I have Who has 7 + 8? I have Who has 1 + 2? I have Who has 23 + 0? Who Has? Addition 25 Deck. 1 tkawas@mathwire.

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5. Players continue to ask and answer questions until the game wraps around the classroom—and ends with the student who started it. I have. Who has.

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I Have Who Has Blank Template · Make Your Own I Have Who Has Games @ Senteacher · Write You Own I Have Who Has Games Addition Deck - Under

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I Have Who Has is a highly engaging activity that can work nicely as a Ċ, Addition I Have Who Has Set dads-space.com Ċ, Half Triple Double etc I Have Who Has. pdf.

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Who has 1+1? I have 0. Who has 6+6? I have 2. Who has. 10+10? I have Who has 7+7? I have Who has 9+9? I have Who has 8+8? I have