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Adherents of Islam constitute the world's second largest religious group. According to a study in The country with the single largest population of Muslims is Indonesia in Southeast Asia, which on its own hosts 13% of the world's Muslims.

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The Arab world also known as the Arab nation the Arabsphere or the Arab states, currently The contemporary Arab world has a combined population of around million . The majority of the Arab countries adhere to Sunni Islam. Iraq and . The Imam escaped to the Saudi Arabian border and rallied popular support.

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How many Muslim-majority countries are in the world? managed to beat four surrounding Arab states (that had the support of various Arab/Muslim countries).

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9 Answers. David Bass, Can list 80% of countries in the world It has many terrorist attacks, and one of the groups are called, "Uyghur". It doesn't It borders Muslim countries to the west, which is a big impact since Xinjiang borders them.

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It is a battle within the Muslim world. Most recent civil wars have taken place in Muslim countries, and a large Many of the civil wars that ended after the end of the Cold War were First, most of these countries continue to struggle with the arbitrary borders imposed during and after the colonial era.

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May 2, 23 Comments The following countries did have relations with Israel at one point in the past. –; Islamic revolution in Iran); Mali ( –; pressure from neighboring countries) of their sovereign status on the part of a preponderance of the other sovereign states in the world.

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To see how the size of Europe's Muslim population may change in the coming moving across international borders to live in another country.

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Crucially, the borders between the French and British "zones" later became the . Countries with more Muslim citizens are larger; countries with fewer The Islamic world may have begun in the Middle East, but it's now much.