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Facts and statistics about the Major infectious diseases of Iraq. Updated as of

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Washington warns 'perfect storm' of conditions leaves Isis-controlled Iraq and Syria vulnerable to outbreaks of infectious disease.

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Iraq - special health situation report Mosul Crisis pdf, kb. 8 July Iraq - special health situation report on Mosul crisis. 20 May

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“US military officials are expecting that Iraq will use chemical and biological war on, among other priorities, maternal and child health, chronic diseases, for ISIS to flourish—from Mosul in the north of Iraq to Orlando in the USA. The Lancet HIV · The Lancet Infectious Diseases · The Lancet Neurology.

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“Diseases that are currently widespread [in ISIS-held areas] include diseases and routine vaccinations against infectious diseases such as.

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oping infectious diseases in the distention countries (11,. 12). Additionally Duhok city is next to islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) occupied.

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Veterans who were deployed to Southwest Asia (including Iraq) or Afghanistan may experience symptoms of infectious diseases while on.

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How a fluctuating refugee situation and ISIS's ongoing offensive could foster Infectious diseases are set to spread across Syria and Iraq, with.

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“The Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights warns of spreading the spreading of the disease to Iraq's provinces,” added the rights group.