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Command-Line Arguments for InstallAnywhere Installers. Argument. Description. -i. Sets the installer interface mode: silent/console/gui. c:\ -i silent.

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InstallAnywhere's silent UI mode is useful for silently deploying to enterprise the -i command-line switch (to set the installer interface mode) with the silent.

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InstallAnywhere-generated installers and uninstallers can be run with To set the interface mode from the command line, perform the following steps: To set the .

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Hello Everyone, I'm trying to deploy a program which was packaged with InstallAnywhere (Scholastic Achievement Manager). I ran the install.

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Using InstallAnywhere, silent mode, which enables an installer to run may be set through command-line parameters and/or a properties file.

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When an InstallAnywhere installer is executed in silent install mode, executed with the command-line parameters: –r, for example.

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How to Silenlty Install Application Using Install Anywhere Installation mode ( Silent) Place the dads-space.comties file along with