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Intercepted solar radiation or Insolation is the solar radiation(solar energy) received on the Earth's surface per unit area per unit time. It directly.

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Start studying Ch. 2 Solar Energy and Seasons. The plane of Earth's orbit about the Sun is called. the plane of the Intercepted solar radiation is called.

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The solar radiation intensity falling on a surface is called irradiance or insolation and is measured in W/m2 or kW/m2. The solar constant can be used to calculate .

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Radiant energy exits the Sun and interacts with Earth's atmosphere on its way to The spectral composition and amount of solar energy intercepted at Earth's by a satellite system known as the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE).

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The energy emitted by the sun is called solar energy or solar The amount of solar radiation that is intercepted by the earth varies because of.

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Although Earth does intercept the same total amount of solar EM Astronomers use a quantity called "albedo" to describe the degree to which.

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Once the sun's energy reaches earth, it is intercepted first by the atmosphere. A small part of the sun's energy is directly absorbed, particularly by certain gases.

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and re-radiate radiant energy equally and completely at all wavelengths they intercept. Effect of Earth's atmosphere on incoming solar radiation. . These together with other so called greenhouse gasses (methane CH4, and nitrous oxide.

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Absorptance is often called absorptivity, and reflectance is called reflectivity, Solar radiation intercepted by green leaves is used for dry matter production.