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I have tried several chargers and rest the phone it will connect to iTunes while on but will not charge when on only when I turn it completely off.

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@Dean, You obviously have no idea what you're talking about Dean and the fact that you wrote "a" iPhone instead of "An" iPhone tells me.

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If the iPhone only charges when off you should try to factory restore the After ages of researching why my iPhone won't charge when turned.

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iPhone Only Charges When It Is Off – This is quite a common question with slightly old iPhone, Even new and latest model of iPhone may get.

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When your iPhone is only charged when the battery is exhausted or when the phone is off, you're experiencing a hardware or software issue that can often be.

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Why Won't My iPhone Charge Unless Turned off? I only thought that my iPhone wasn't charging in general, I didn't know that it could charge.

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"I've almost had my iPhone for a year now and it's still in really good shape. But, anyway, it won't charge when it's turned on so it only charges while it's turned off .