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Jamiroquai Talk Coachella Comeback and What Became of the 'Virtual . Has that surprised you that everyone is sort of citing you now as this.

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Jamiroquai are an English funk and acid jazz band from London, formed in Fronted by They are best known for the song "Canned Heat" (), featured in Napoleon Dynamite, and for the iconic music video .. In January , Jamiroquai released a track titled, "Now We Are Alone" on their official YouTube page.

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Jamiroquai's Jay Kay revealed he is 'immobalised' in hospital after "And I'm really unhappy about being immobilised as you can imagine.".

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The musings of a Londoner, now living in Norfolk. Menu The main thing was that they were good at what they were doing. Very good indeed.

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TOBY SMITH, the founding member of Jamiroquai, has died at just years-old. pain, that I have found it difficult to write anything about this up to now. Stuart Zender also paid his respects, writing: "I love you so much.

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Mrs Jay Kay: Jay Kay referred to beautiful Maria, who was there to support . He described the moment that he met his now-wife as a Sliding.