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Top clickbait (zero playskill) FIFA Youtubers JMX MomoFifa You should give a try to Chris MD, his videos are actually pretty sick play FUT) any recommendations? also twitch recommendations would be nice:D chest where I can wear strapless dresses and be confident, and guess what now I can .

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If you enjoy good gameplay check Inception on twitch out. .. Mainly just miniminter, Zerkaa, Mavric Wolves and ChrisMD. .. 90% of the Fifa community is bad, but JMX definitely takes the cancer cake, Momo, Gonth and Finch not far off . Utd (what the fuck is that name btw) where I have to look away.

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Load of twitch stramers barely have any views at all if you take a quick look on there, or a I'll give special mentions to ChrisMD, miniminter and other youtubers awful attempts to do the same from others such as JMX, BurntChip etc. Imo the ship has sailed to truely make a living off of youtube or twitch.

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@Castro @MattHDGamer @TwoSyncOfficial @NepentheZ @ Marshall89HD @bateson87 @FujipYT @wroetoshaw @chrismd10 @ KSIOlajidebt .

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Other Media. Instagram ยท Twitch known to edit Vik's movements in their videos to make it look as if he is dancing to the same song ("Mundian To Bach Ke").

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In order add a channel you will need the Channel Name or Channel ID (a 24 character string that should look something like this: PAkxctb0jr3vwz4Do6c6su0Q).