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Both of them in their prime. If they were to fight in a 10 round bout for the World Heavyweight Title, who would win? Take into account everything abo.

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On the surface this has superfight written all over it - an absolutely classic encounter between two legends. On the one hand you have Louis, probably the no

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Since I pick Joe Louis to beat a prime Tyson I see no reason of all his strength and violence do I see an opportunity for a Louis win.

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Ali vs. Joe Louis. I consider Louis the greatest of all heavyweight champions Marciano won the famous computer fight against Ali, but the real thing would Would Ali have been able to weather Mike Tyson's early assaults?.

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Joe Louis Vs. Mike Tyson. How long does it take Joe to dismantle "Iron Mike?" I think Joe gets him out of there by round 6 or 7.

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Joe Louis vs. Mike Joe Louis had a questionable chin, but he was a very accurate My prediction: Mike Tyson KO in 4; or, Louis wins in

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i say mike tyson by 10 ko, louis was not a stick and move champion, which is the only kind who could beat a prime tyson(other than foreman). i.

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Former boxer Mike Tyson reveals which real and fictional fighters he thinks he could beat in Tyson said he feels he'd beat Joe Louis but would lose to in " The Godfather Part II" would win because "he has guns and stuff").

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Louis is far and away the greater fighter but H2H Tyson was too fast & explosive. Louis doesn't have the feet or sufficient enough defense.

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A lot of people think, Well he's fighting like Joe Frazier, he's fighting like Henry Armstrong. He does not. Joe Frazier bobs and weaves, Mike.