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I'm currenty running an FTR rig with a KG2/70 Glass mount antenna on my Dodge RAM I have the antenna tuned on the 2M band.

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Larsen glass-mount dual band antenna product reviews by real people like you. Since I live in Switzerland, I had to specifically order the Larsen KG which .

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70cm. - MHz. 35cm. - MHz. Not all antennas are available in all bands. . Larsen flange mount and antenna base in a single unit. KG2/ NMO// NMO/ NMO2/ NOTE: The most commonly used.

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LARSEN (2 meters) dB gain & (70 cm) dB gain glass mount antenna. Max. watts. long. UHF con. 14' RG58U Dual Shield.

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OK, let's put on a Larsen KG2/70CXPL. This antenna has a 2m gain of dB and a 70cm gain of dB, making it ideal for repeater work and.

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KG2/70CXPL - PulseLarsen Antennas. Browse Pulse LarsenAntenna. Browse Pulse LarsenAntenna Antenna Mount Type, GLASS/ADHESIVE. Frequency.

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For sale: Larsen KG2/70CXPL Dual Band Glass Mount antenna. The antenna is used; it was installed in a vehicle for just under a year.