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Typing lesson plan for a standard Dvorak keyboard from beginner to advanced. Includes games, videos and other interactive lessons. Learn more.

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Play fun games to practice reading, spelling, and build vocabulary. with the keyboard tutorials prior to the free type games as this is the core for learning touch.

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Take typing test, practice typing lessons. Touch typing is the ability to use muscle memory to find keys fast, without using the sense of sight, and with all the available fingers, just These words look almost natural, and often they really are.

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Thanks to that fact you can type without looking at the keys. Practice regularly and your fingers will learn their location on the keyboard through muscle memory .

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Play the newest and most popular typing games: TypingAttack, TypingRacer, KeyTower, Build up a colorful keyboard by controlling trucks and a crane!.

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You are not logged in! Create an account or log in to save your progress. Log In Create Free Account. Your Lessons: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Practice .

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Why You'll Love dads-space.com Gamified Learning. Interactive lessons, typing games, and achievements make learning feel like a game. Engaging Curriculum.