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The newly-introduced TM document presents a method for lumen-depreciation projection based on LM data, enabling LED lifetime extrapolations beyond hours, says ERIC RICHMAN. In August , the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) published the TM document entitled.

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TM does not determine traditional life or. “time to failure” of an LED Lighting system. – The useful life of an LED system has many components that need to be .

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A multitude of data points are published by luminaire manufacturers that address the maintenance or useful life of LEDs at a prescribed light output. Those data.

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which the LED light source will maintain the percentage, p, of its initial light EPA is using a simple exponential model for lumen maintenance until TM is.

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It measures an LED luminaire or integral lamp as a whole system according to a standard process using specified equipment. Who can perform testing?.

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Read definitions of the LM, LM and TM documents to the assessment of the maintenance of luminous flux of LED-based lighting.

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Per today, commercial claims for LED-based products in terms of lumen maintenance are fully based on TM extrapolations using LM80 data.