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Summary of Statewide Bear Baiting and Feeding Regulations. • Feeding bears for non-hunting purposes, such as recreational viewing, is NOT legal. • You may .

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*Bait may be used to locate bear In person: Find a list of stations at, search A person of any age may acquire bear preference . This pamphlet is a summary of Wisconsin's bear hunting laws and regulations.

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Seeing a black bear in the wild is an exciting experience for many and an equal thrill for those who prize the black bear as a big game species. The Wisconsin.

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says one of the largest bear bait suppliers in Minnesota who sells about three Last year, 4, black bears were legally killed in Wisconsin.

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With Alex having a black bear tag for the upcoming September hunt in Wisconsin, we filmed an episode of the initial set up of the bait.

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How early before the fall bear season opener should bait be consistently placed? Both of these methoids are legal in WI!!!!!!!!! From: Bloodtrail.

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In Wisconsin bait itself must be totally concealed and closed, with rocks, earlier, and you can't bait from the day after the previous bear season closes until April Legal things like cinnamon chips, different flavors of frosting -- lots of stuff.

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In Wisconsin the only legal container for bait in the woods are hollow stumps bait,but how big are the bears, and are they coming during legal shooting hours?.